• Share what’s trending.

    Be the first to know and the first to share.

    The moment it happens, you’ll be ready to post it for the world to see. From concert announcements and breaking news, to new artists, local happenings and more, Clip Radio lets you decide what’s important enough to share with your network.

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  • Enter every contest

    Search your favorite stations and never miss out on a contest or promotion.

    Station Promotions! Forget about being the first caller. Clip Radio lets you enter them all right from your smartphone.

    Exclusive Contests! Clip Radio gives you even more chances to win with contests you’ll never hear on the radio.

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  • Never miss a deal

    Keep up with the best offers from your favorite brands all over town.

    Local Offers! Whether it’s the coffee shop on the corner, or the new boutique down the street, Clip Radio has local offers you won’t want to miss.

    Special Deals! Clip Radio captures many of the deals you hear on your favorite stations, and some you won’t find anywhere else!

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  • Keep up on everything local

    Nothing covers what’s happening in your area better than radio.

    Concerts! With access to your favorite stations, you’ll know when your favorite artists are coming to town and get first dibs on the best seats available.

    Special Events! With a variety of special events and festivals happening all year long, you can update your calendar with confidence.

    Local Finds! See what your favorite DJs are talking about and make sure you always know about the latest and greatest – including the best new food truck.

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  • For the love of music

    Get the best that radio has to offer and more!

    See what’s playing! Clip Radio puts everything music from your favorite stations in the palm of your hand.

    Listen whenever you want! With a live feed of what’s playing on your favorite stations, you can find the music you like. Buy it, rate it and share it with your friends.

    Discover new music See a list of everything that’s played over the past hour, so you can discover new music and download what you like.

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See what you hear.
Keep what you like.

The latest version of Clip Radio changes everything. You can browse all your favorite stations without even listening.

You can also “clip” a station you're listening to and get a feed of what’s playing now and what’s played over the past hour. Now, when you hear it, you can get what you want off the radio.


About Clip Radio

Clip Radio is an innovative technology developed by Clip Interactive, and is driven by a team of mobile and media experts with a passion for making radio interactive. Our team brings an enormous amount of mobile, web, radio and digital marketing expertise with over ten years of combined effort already invested in development. Based in Boulder, Colorado, we're inspired by a community known for supporting technology-based business.


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