If you're buying radio, you should know if it's working.

Clip Interactive is contracted to provide interactive mobile apps and web players to over 700 radio stations from some of the largest broadcasters in the country.

Clip’s mobile apps and web players allow listeners to stream their favorite stations, directly engage broadcast content, enter contests, receive exclusive offers, chat with the studio and so much more.

This results in a highly active user base, which drives extremely strong results for the innovative advertisers running native, rich-media campaigns on the platform. Through all of this engagement, radio listener behavior can be used to measure sentiment, intention, interest and brand favorability.

For the first time, broadcast advertisers have empirical performance results allowing them to optimize active campaigns and plan media budgets intelligently.


Spot analytics powered by digital interaction



In-app digital inventory synchronized and targeted to radio's most engaged listeners



Real-time analytics for your broadcast radio campaigns driven by digital interactions from radio's P1 listeners


Engaging full screen, rich media: Clip offers ten different premium rich media ad types, allowing advertisers to create innovative and custom marketing campaigns aligned with their goals and objectives.

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Digital in-app engagement is monitored and synced to the radio spot, which outputs deep analytics about an advertiser’s radio performance


How do radio listeners respond to commercials? SpotIQ provides the answer.

When millions of radio listeners take digital action against radio ads, SpotIQ measures the response and delivers the analytics that help marketers plan campaigns and optimize their effectiveness in real-time.




Comparison Data

Advertisers have the ability to analyze and compare performance of radio spots across different markets, formats, stations, and verticals.

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Creative Performance Measurement

Advertisers can review real-time creative performance data, allowing them to pinpoint peak engagement trends, periods of ad fatigue and opportunities to customize their campaign based on market, format, or station. 






Demographic Analysis

See who is actually engaging with your broadcast ad and understand if your radio buy is reaching the target audience. SpotIQ can help you identify the location, gender, and age of the consumers interacting with your ads.

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SpotIQ provides radio advertisers with performance metrics that are captured from listener engagement activity. Our analytics make broadcast radio planning more efficient—and campaign execution more cost effective.