Consumer facing digital solutions.

Mobile apps and web players that satisfy the broadcast listener.

Clip builds interactive mobile apps and web players for radio stations, radio personalities & programs and artists. Radio listeners and music fans love them! They can interact with everything they hear, enter contests with the touch of a button, participate in surveys and dive deep into music, sports, news and other broadcast content.

Clip solutions drive more listening, more engagement, higher download rates and better retention than any other digital solution available. Advertisers ultimately benefit, generating brand engagement, leads and even conversions – all driven by their audio call-to-action.

Clip also offers “Radio Connect”, a mobile (and soon, web) solution that gives users access to the interactive feed of every radio station on the platform.

And there's a whole lot more coming, as Clip is launching a major initiative in 2017 to add more than a dozen new features to the "interactive radio" platform. Look for more on the Clip Blog throughout the year. 

Extended digital reach

Broadcasters can reach their entire audience... digitally!

Radio broadcasters reach more than 240 million US listeners every week. But broadcasters can access only a fraction of these users via direct, attributable and measured digital channels. Clip’s technology platform changes this by: 

1. Growing the base of digitally engaged listeners,

2. Extending the audience through digital content distribution (what we call “Clip Anywhere”)

3. Publishing interactive commercial content to the whole listening audience in an intelligent,                            targeted manner.

Most broadcasters are lucky to have 2% to 4% of their listener cume accessing their digital channels (e.g., mobile apps, web sites, web players). Clip enables access to the entire cume.

Constant innovation

From the beginning, Clip’s focus has been on making audio content accessible and interactive via digital channels. Solving this problem was entirely about innovation, specialty engineering and an extreme focus on the user experience.

These are our roots at Clip Interactive, and to this day we continue to focus on what’s next… voice control, automobile access, audience expansion and content distribution, hyper-targeting… these are the problems Clip is solving for the broadcast industry, for advertisers and for consumers.

Clip is committed to leading the way for broadcast media, with an early focus on radio but extending into television and with a constant focus on what’s next.