The User

In media, you have nothing if you don’t have an audience. At Clip, we focus more on the audience – the user/listener – than on anything else.  Sure, we seek out input from broadcasters, GMs, programmers, music directors, sales people and anyone with an opinion in the space. Our focus on end users is not to dismiss all other inputs. But all inputs are taken into consideration relative to the impact on the user

Clip was founded on a very simple idea that audio content should be accessible and actionable for the consumer of that content. And while we might also seek to measure, analyze and monetize these actions, the most important things for us to focus on is the user’s interest in the content being served, and the ease with which they can consume it. 

Most of the decisions related to selecting and prioritizing features for our platform are driven by data. We can measure user interest and activity with our mobile apps and web players and figure out of people actually like using the stuff we build – or if they don’t like it. It’s really interesting to see how some users report an interest in a particular feature but when it comes time to actually using it day-to-day the interest is not manifested. Sometimes there is an emotional attachment to a feature, perhaps because it is legacy, or perhaps because users (and broadcasters who reach these users) think they want something that actually no one in practice uses.

Guess how many radio station mobile app users use the app alarm clock to wake up to the station’s stream in the morning? There’s a limited amount of real estate on a mobile app, practically speaking. Do you really want to clutter your app with a feature that only 1% of the users actually use? What if 25% of the users access this feature, and they use it five times each week, on average. Shouldn’t the app make it really easy to access, set and adjust?  Data helps guide the answer.

This user focused concept is going to come up a lot in future blog posts. We’ll talk about getting into the dashboard, and using an FM chip to tune the broadcast on a mobile phone, and a host of other possible (and sometimes existing) features – all in the context of user interest. Stay tuned!

(BTW… On Clip mobile apps, about 2% of users have used their alarm clock at one point or another.  A much smaller percentage uses this feature regularly)

Posted on November 30, 2016 .