Change & Progress

With apologies to buzzword haters, we at Clip Interactive see our company as a “change agent” in broadcast media.  We’re a “disruptive innovator”.  Or more plainly stated: We’re aiming to fundamentally change an industry, or at least the digital sub-ecosystem within an industry.    

A bold pursuit, for sure.  And after four-plus years, we’re still in the game and actually making real progress to that end.  This is great for Clip, and great for broadcasters. 

This blog post is a simple commentary on these bold pursuits, recognizing that any “change agent” or “disruptive innovator” might come across as a negative, annoying critic.  After all, no one likes a backseat driver.  And why change something that is already great, right? 

Surely there will be times when we annoy people in the broadcast industry when we advocate for change and present certain views (along with empirical evidence to support those views) in this blog.  And that’s not a big problem, other than the fact that many readers might be Clip customers, vendors and even end users.

Please know that our core focus is to advance the state of digital operations for broadcasters and not to insult, offend or upset.  If you read something that sounds critical (and you likely will), please understand that our aim is to drive positive change across the industry.  To do that, we have to point out areas where we think change is needed.  

Please read this blog with that spirit in mind.


Posted on October 27, 2016 .