Radio and the Evolving Dashboard: Intro


At Clip, we’re sensing a lot of anxiety around what could happen (or worse, what might be happening already) to radio in the rapidly evolving automobile dashboard. This is an introductory blog post on the subject; subsequent posts will cover related issues in more depth. 

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay

Those related issues will include:

 The state of the dashboard today. How many cars have Bluetooth, Aux cable inputs, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and other “connected car” technologies?

 What does the connected car user experience look like (with an emphasis on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto)?

 Automobile manufacturers are shaping this space. What does this mean to broadcasters and how can technology solutions (with emphasis on mobile technologies) help radio not only stay in the game but continue to lead?

 Where is all of this going and how fast is it moving?

There’s a great deal to talk about here, and we want to make sure everyone in the radio industry has a solid, fact-based understanding of how technology is changing audio consumption in the car. Our aim is to provide that understanding.

For now, here’s a short summary of where Clip is presently, in the car and where we are going…

1.  All Clip mobile apps enable streaming audio access through the audio/entertainment in cars that support Bluetooth, USB or Aux cable interfaces (generally, these interfaces started to show up in cars around 2003, and after).

2.  As of February 1, 2017 (about two weeks from this posting), all Clip mobile apps will be capable of interfacing with advanced technology dashboards through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Every broadcaster on the Clip platform can opt-in to have any or all of their mobile apps upgraded to enable this support. It’s pretty cool.

3.  We’re not stopping with 100% access to today’s advanced automobile technologies.  Consumers need access to radio stations no matter where they are and no matter what technologies they may be using. This landscape is going to continue to change, and we’ll stay ahead of it.

More to come…

Posted on January 13, 2017 .