Interactive radio changes the economics of radio

Clip SHIFTS dollars back to radio from the $5B lost to digital channels

Radio spots with interactive capabilities are selling at 15-25% premiums on current spot radio rates.

Clip INCREASES radio advertising revenue


Advertisers that left radio for digital are coming back - 50%+ of our revenue generated to date is from dormant or digital only advertisers.

Clip ACCESSES the rapidly growing digital/mobile ad revenue industry

Clip provides the only mobile platform tied to radio's reach, thus representing a new mobile channel. A channel that delivers: Open rates at 2%-10% and engagement rates at 50%-80%.



Clip's technology delivers users the same rich experience regardless of how they're listening to the radio - whether it's broadcast, stream, mobile or web. Stations and advertisers benefit by gaining measurable results across all platforms.


  • Platform enables the interactivity of the broadcast - users can browse and interact with radio

  • Everything that listeners hear over the broadcast can be seen in their mobile app - music, contest, offers/ads, etc.

  • Captures 90% of the audience that tunes in via the broadcast


  • Platform enables the interactivity of the broadcast - users can browse and interact with radio

  • The FM chip allows listeners to tune into the broadcast from their mobile device without using any data and preserving battery life

  • When using the FM chip, listeners have the same experience as those tuning in via a car or home radio


  • The app lives under the station's brand

  • Users can access the station via the stream or the FM Chip

  • Historical feed allows advertisements and on-air messaging to live beyond the broadcast

  • Users can browse radio

  • Social media integration allows users to stay connected to the station's social profiles

  • Real time data passed from user interactions to the station


  • Listeners can tune in while at work or on the go by pulling up the station web player on their desktop, tablet or mobile browser

  • Provides a consistent user experience

  • Music, offers, social media and more are displayed and easily accessed via a clean and responsive design


  • Stations can monetize their social media feeds as one more outlet for sponsored content

  • Stations can increase their reach by including their social posts within the station apps. The attribution stays within the social page, but is accessed via the mobile app

  • Users can access social content via the mobile app or the web player

  • In addition to the station's social profiles, popular DJs and show hosts can include their social profiles



Mobile is competitive - unlike the car radio, mobile apps compete with other music apps as well as ALL other apps. Station branded portal apps (SBPAs) act similar to a station branded radio in a consumer's car. SBPAs are an access point to all of radio, served through the user's favorite branded hometown station. Users can listen and interact with their favorite station and any other station in the US.

Station branding remains front and center, affixed to the top slot of the station list. Each station recruits users to the branded app and users continue to engage with their favorite station. The app enables the ability to suggest stations when users navigate to other markets - for example, a different formatted station but under the same ownership. SBPAs bring a larger audience to your app with higher opportunity for retention.



  • 53% of radio listeners listen to more than one radio station

  • 20% of radio listeners have downloaded a single radio station app

  • 70% of radio listeners have download a multi-station portal app

  • Existing portal app data shows:

    • 47% of app users listen to more than one station

    • Only 8% of users that listen to multiple stations stick to a singular format

    • Average session length is 14 minutes (versus 5 minutes and 30 seconds in a single station app)



Clip's technology enables listener action, gives credit to radio stations, provides measurement and consumer action to advertisers and facilitates rich artist-fan engagement.